Financial Management School 4

During this session, each participant will work on developing their credit union's Strategic Direction, Philosophy and long-term objectives with supporting strategic initiatives. Jim will discuss strategic ideas, which will include field on membership expansion opportunities, improved marketing concepts, human resources development, future technology and delivery systems, and the need to improve future operating efficiencies. Jim will also discuss the need for utilizing sound ALM principles in building strategic financial growth plans and demonstrate how long-term plans must include objectives for projected asset, loan and net capital growth.


While the best results are achieved by attending all four parts, you can attend one, two, three or four sessions depending on your level or expertise. Plan to attend this great series and develop a useable financial plan for your credit union. You can view a calendar of upcoming Financial Management Schools here.

If you are interested in scheduling a Financial Management School for your league or credit union, please contact us at 800-522-9432, or via email at .