Financial Management School 2

Utilizing the financial analysis skills gained in Part I, class members will address the budgeting process. Class members will learn to establish business development objectives within the framework of their own credit union's budget. The participants will be introduced to the 16 Step Method to complete the credit union's annual budget process (business plan). Participants will develop a budget based on their own individual credit union's financial position. Jim will critique the assumptions used in selected individual credit union budgets, in order to further the participants understanding of budgeting concepts.


While the best results are achieved by attending all four parts, you can attend one, two, three or four sessions depending on your level or expertise. Plan to attend this great series and develop a useable financial plan for your credit union. You can view a calendar of upcoming Financial Management Schools here.

If you are interested in scheduling a Financial Management School for your league or credit union, please contact us at 800-522-9432, or via email at .