Financial Management Schools

Financial management is the financial planning process used to remain healthy during economic changes. Sound financial management can be explained as having a goal to make an acceptable amount of net income all the time, rather than to take risks which might result in greater income or losses, some of the time. Specifically, financial management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling asset and liability volumes, maturities, rates, and yields in order to minimize interest rate risk. Sound financial management is a board and management responsibility. That is why the Financial Management School has been created.

The Financial Management School is a hands-on workshop that provides a great degree of individual assistance. Participants advance from the initial preparation of an analysis of their credit union's current financial position to preparing a long-term strategic plan for the future. The schools are broken into four, two-day sessions. Following is a description of each part.

While the best results are achieved by attending all four parts, you can attend one, two, three or four sessions depending on your level or expertise. Plan to attend this great series and develop a useable financial plan for your credit union.

If you are interested in scheduling a Financial Management School for your league or credit union, please contact us at 800-522-9432, or via email at .